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Episode 20. Av Yow Bin All Round The Wrekin Bab?

The Wrekin. Image courtesy of Which literally means, have you been all around the Wrekin dear? In Wolverhampton (and places in Shropshire,) this means going the long way around, you could also say 'going all round the houses.' The Wrekin, pronounced ree-kin, according to the Penguin Directory of Geography, is classified as a high hill or a low mountain. Either way, it's 407 metres high and can be seen from Staffordshire, the Black Country and various hills in neighbouring counties. My grandad, Dennis, told me the Wrekin is a volcano. This upset me as a child, I thought we were all on the brink of a terrible disaster.  The Wrekin is made of volcanic rock but it is not actually one. Now I'm older this fact disappoints me a bit. What has any of this got to do with being happy? (The subject of this blog.) Well, I realised I often 'go all round the Wrekin' in my thinking. Like I just did above. I overthink things, often finding a lo

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