Episode 20. Av Yow Bin All Round The Wrekin Bab?

The Wrekin. Image courtesy of www.summitpost.org

Which literally means, have you been all around the Wrekin dear? In Wolverhampton (and places in Shropshire,) this means going the long way around, you could also say 'going all round the houses.'

The Wrekin, pronounced ree-kin, according to the Penguin Directory of Geography, is classified as a high hill or a low mountain. Either way, it's 407 metres high and can be seen from Staffordshire, the Black Country and various hills in neighbouring counties.

My grandad, Dennis, told me the Wrekin is a volcano. This upset me as a child, I thought we were all on the brink of a terrible disaster.  The Wrekin is made of volcanic rock but it is not actually one. Now I'm older this fact disappoints me a bit.

What has any of this got to do with being happy? (The subject of this blog.) Well, I realised I often 'go all round the Wrekin' in my thinking. Like I just did above. I overthink things, often finding a long way to do something instead of tackling a task head-on.

This going the long way around, making sure everything is perfectly in place, is me procrastinating. Usually, because I'm nervous or lack confidence. I could easily preamble around something forever and not get to the job in hand. Too nervous to jump out of my comfort zone, I add layer upon layer of tasks.

Most successful people will tell you that you don't have to be perfect to start, you simply have to start. No one knows everything at the beginning of something, the learning takes place through the doing. Before long the new stuff we're scared of becomes mundane. We do it automatically because it's been absorbed into our central nervous systems, making us ready to step forward, once again, with another new thing.

I've metaphorically 'gone round the Wrekin' many times in my life, although I've never actually climbed it. So my trusty friend and mentor, Neil, and I have decided to do it. Well, I decided and he's just got roped in. He's a fiery, full of life, energetic chap, so he's up for it at least.

Neil also knows when I'm about to 'go round the Wrekin' in my thinking and when I do, he grabs me firmly by the scruff of the neck and leads me to a more direct path. Straight into territory well out of my comfort zone.

Because of this, I have occasionally thought about avoiding Neil's calls. Of course, I never do, he's got my best interests at heart and without him, this blog would never have been published. I'd still be 'umming and arrhing' about if anyone would be interested. Or if I am a good enough writer to unleash my work onto an unsuspecting world.

Happily, over 8000 of you, from all around the world, have now read my words. Something I am delighted about. (Please comment below to say hello.)

So it's a beautiful Tuesday morning here in Wales. A cold, crisp, bright, sunny morning, which has seen me run from window to window to admire its beauty. I have now been challenged to get my copywriting, editing and proofreading business website published by 5 p.m. on Friday. Deep breath and go... 

What is getting you out of your comfort zone this week?

Please let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you.

©Gillian Cullis 4.12.2018


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